As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes. Improper storage of your winter woollies can result in deterioration and yellowing of fabrics, or growth of mould. Here are some tips for prepping and packing away your seasonal wardrobe.

Wash clothes before storing them

Washing your clothes before storing them will prevent stains from appearing over time. Even if stains are not visible when you are packing away your clothes, perfume, body products, food and dirt can show up over time and will be harder to remove later on. Making sure clothes are clean before storing them can also reduce the chances of a bug or moth attack.

Using the 18kg drum in the Revolution Launderette, you can wash your entire seasonal wardrobe in one load. The wash cycle takes just 30 minutes and as the door locks whilst the machine is in use, you can leave the machine unattended to run other errands whilst you wait.

Pack your clothes in a breathable bag

When storing clothes that are to be folded it is best to do so in a breathable cotton or linen bag with a zip. Using plastic bags or bins can cause your clothes to discolour over time. Delicate items and those that are prone to wrinkling are best stored folded with tissue. Fur, leather and other outer wear should be stored on hangers in breathable bags.

Store your clothes in a clean, cool, dark and dry room

Avoid storing your clothes in the attic or basement as these areas are often humid and a hotbed for moths and mould. Areas that experience extreme temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight are not ideal as both environments will cause fabrics to deteriorate.

Prepare for moth and bug issues before they happen

Storing clothes with a lavender or cedar scented drawer sheets or pouches will repel bugs and moths. Do not use cedar blocks/chips as their oil can transfer on to clothes and create stains.

Clean your wardrobes and drawers

It’s important that wardrobes and drawers are kept clean to ensure that there is no dirt or bugs; and the ideal time to do this is when you’re packing and storing your seasonal wardrobe. When you have removed all your clothes and accessories, vacuum and wipe down your furniture, making sure to use products that will not damage your clothes.

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