Using a tumble dryer speeds up your laundry process; however it is important to know how and when to use a tumble dryer as not all garments are suitable for tumble-drying. Here are 5 of our top tips!

1. The first step when using a tumble dryer is always to check the care labels on your washing! A square represents the drying process and the circle inside the square means the item can be put in the tumble dryer. If the symbol has a large X through the square the item cannot be tumbled dried, if there are two dots within the circle you can tumble dry the item on a high heat, and if there is one dot within the circle you should use a low heat. Always make sure you check the Common Care Symbols, especially on silk, knitwear, delicates, and dry-clean only items, as these can be prone to shrinking and disfigurement.

2. Use a high spin speed on your washing machine to reduce the moisture in your washing before using the tumble dryer. The washing machines used in the Revolution Launderette are soft mounted and therefore have a superior spin speed compared to many conventional washers. This technology helps to reduce the residual moisture in the laundry down to 30%; the higher spin means laundry is easier to handle and drying time is greatly reduced.

3. When loading the dryer, untangle your washing as you take it out of the washing machine. Compacted and tangled fabric will take longer to dry.

4. Do not overload the tumble dryer. Putting too much in your tumble dryer will not only reduce the efficiency of the machine, but it will also cause your clothes to be more creased. A tumble dryer should circulate your washing in hot dry air to dry your clothes more evenly and reduce creases, meaning less ironing.

5. If you are drying bedding, always fasten your duvet covers to stop small items getting trapped inside and staying damp. It is recommended that you do not dry large items such as duvet covers at home as they are too big to allow air to circulate. The 18kg dryer in the Revolution is ideal for drying large items.

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